Who do I use to install?

You can use any installer that is specialised in marble or granite installations or we can provide our chosen installers which we chose to work with.

Do the products have a warranty?

Yes, we provide an 8 year warranty on all pieces. 


Are the products porous?

No. Our natural stone is not porous, and our resin ensures that there are no gaps in between the pieces to allow for completely impervious.


What is the strength & durability of the product?

The majority of our products have the following specifications, with the exception of Malachite which has a strength of 4 on Mohs scale and Sodalite with a strength of 5.5-6.

   Strength - 7 Mohs scale

   Stone density - 2.6 g/cm3

   Finishing - polishing min 95-116 GU


What is the impact resistance of the product?

Like granite, our products have a high impact resistance but can become fragile at bending and mechanical traction.


What is the heat rating?

Our standard resin which is used is resistant up to +60 Celsius, however we have special resins which can be used in place for areas such as fireplaces which is resistant up to +110 Celsius.


Is it templated?

Yes. All materials can be produced according to the drawings, avoiding materials waste and the purchase of unnecessary material.


Where does the product originate from?

The raw materials are sourced from Brazil and Madagascar, and are fabricated in Tulcea, Romania.


How heavy is the product, does it need special reinforcements in the cabinetry?

The weight is the same as the marble and granite, no special reinforcements are necessary.


Does it require maintenance?

It is cleaned using neutral substances in water such as washing detergent. Chlorine should be avoided as well as cleaning substances which contain it. Polishing wax can be applied but is not necessary. Our advice is to use cleaning substances approved by NSF International such as BLOCK D70 Bellinzoni. Products should not be exposed to UV, unless produced with UV resistant resin.

What's the estimated wait time from order exceptence to install?

Depending of the project size and complexity, the normal production time is approximately 12-16 weeks from the advance payment, plus shipping time.